Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea
Voiced by DesuUsagi
Name Bubble Tea
Gender Female
Allies Lollipop, Magnet, Seashell, Candle
Enemies Domino, Sugar Cube, Spice Cube, Cone (one sided)
Color Pink and Transparent
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Voiced by DesuUsagi

Bubble Tea, labeled as The Sassy One, is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member, of Outrages Oranges.


Likes: The limelight, etc.

Dislikes: Her job, boys, etc.

Just like Lollipop, while Bubble Tea appears to be the worst, she eventually gets better.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, Bubble Tea was falling from the sky, along with Lollipop. Later, they became friends. She didn't seem to like Candle and Magnet. In the challenge, Bubble Tea was encouraging Lollipop, to get to the forest.

In Are We There Yet?, she had a conflict with Candle, because she didn't care about their teammates. Bubble Tea was also one of the 3 contestants, that made it to the top of the mountain. Sadly her team lost and she was the 4th person to receive an Apple.