Voiced by: Retro Guy
Name Cactus
Gender Male
Allies Lipstick, Hammer
Enemies Everyone (Except Lipstick)
Color Green Top with Brown Pot
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by Retro Guy

Cactus, labeled Mr. "2-Cool-4-School", is a male contestant in Next Top Thingy. He is a member, of Awesome Apples.


Likes: Cool things, sunlight, dirt, burritos

Dislikes: Bland people, whiny people, soap operas

Cactus is a very cocky and arrogant kind of guy. He thinks he's "too cool for school" and that he can do almost anything better than the rest of the contestants. He also likes to let his fellow competitors know how "awesome" he is, irritates them. However, Cactus still does his part in helping the team in order to stay on people's good sides.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, Cactus claimed to be a team captain, but Cone disagreed with that and Hammer decided, that whoever will do the best at the challenge, will be a team captain. Later on, he had an argument with Lipstick, which later caused them to be captured by Bone. 

In Are We There Yet?, he was one of the four contestants to be captured, by Bone. He explained that he is just wasting his time and he left, when Pasta arrived.