Voiced by XanyLeaves
Name Cone
Gender Male
Allies Hammer, Domino, Sugar Cube, Spice Cube
Enemies Cactus
Color Orange with White Stripes
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Voiced by XanyLeaves
Cone, labeled The Cynical One, is a male contestant in Next Top Thingy. He is a member, of Awesome Apples.


Likes: Books, reading, quiet, classical music, crossword puzzles

Dislikes: Loud noises, valley girls, idiots, traffic

Cone is sarcastic and quite cynical. He doesn't enjoy noise, and prefers being alone or with more intelligent people - which is just about nobody except for Hammer and Gum. Cone also hates internet slang, especially "OMG", looking back to the days when people used regular words. Despite being a cynic, Cone does take orders, but only to avoid causing trouble.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, he was first seen not very impressed, but falling from the plane. Later he was getting impressed, after announcing a prize. Later, Cone was against Cactus's idea, of being a team, thus causing Hammer, to announce a small contest - whoever will do the best at the challenge, will be a team captain. In the challenge, was getting frustrated by DominoSpice and Sugar Cube's talking. He ran in front and he fell into the hall, which was digged by Bone.

In Are We There Yet?, Cone was in hole, along with Domino and Cubes. He decide that they should form an Object Ladder, to escape this hole. However, he was hitted with the bowling ball, which cause the ladder to collapse. Later, all four of them was recovered by Hammer and Churro and all of them went into the mountain.  Cone was one of the 3 members of Awesome Apples, that was running along with 3 members of Outrages Oranges. At the end, Churro became a team captian, which shocked him.


  • Cone was voice by YearsAnimations, the voice actor of Potato and Gum in the episode, "Are We There Yet?"
  • there is also named Cone in Object Lockdown,but is female
  • in episode 1,his voice is similiar to Clock from Object Overload,Coincidentally,both of them were voiced by XanyLeaves (Niall Burns)