Voiced by DesuUsagi
Name Magnet
Gender Female
Allies TFA
Enemies Candle, Perfume, Waffle,
Color Red and Blue
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by DesuUsagi

Magnet, labeled The "Type A", is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member, of Outrages Oranges.


Likes: Strategy, being the best, drama, winning, perfection.

Dislikes: Girly things, stupidity, losing, grape jelly.

Magnet is a Grade-A Type-A, and an a-hole too. She hardly trusts anyone, and is pretty untrustworthy herself. Being raised by overachievers, Magnet strives to be the best, and won't settle for #2. Because #2 is poop. Ruthless and strategic, Magnet is always putting her mind to work, thinking of ways to come out on top and to be remembered for doing so. Try and get in her way and you'll regret it.


In It's Just a Forest. she was first saw falling from the sky, screaming that it was illegal. She also wasn't very happy, that they weren't on the movie set. After announcing teams, Magnet wasn't really happy about Perfume's decision, of being a team captain, which lead to argument with Candle. At the end, Perfume became a team leader. Magnet has a plan, which includes her making an alliance with Candle, to keep an eye on her.

In Are We There Yet?, she helped her team, by locating how far is to the mountain. After the attack, she tried to calm down Bubble Tea and Candle. She was also one of the 3 members of Outrages Oranges, to arrive at the mountain. At the end, Magnet was in the bottom 3 and she was the last contestants to receive an apple.