Voiced by Retro Guy
Name Perfume
Gender Female
Allies Lollipop, Seashell, Waffle, Steak, Yo-yo
Enemies Candle, Magnet (Possibly)
Color Light Blue, Grey and Purple
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Voiced by Retro Guy
Perfume, labeled The Smooth Classy One, is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member, and the leader of Outrages Oranges.


Perfume is a classy character. She has manners and respects other contestants. She also has British accent, along with Cone. She is also known, to be fabulous by other contestants on her team. Not to mention that thanks to them and Perfume's Monarchy, she became a team captain.


In It's Just a Forest, Perfume was the last announced contestant, saying that she is the true class. After teams were announced, she began to call herself a leader. While Candle and Magnet didn't agreed with that decision, Yo-yoWaffleSeashellLollipop and Steak agreed, that Perfume should be a leader. And so, she became a team captain. In the challenge, she told her team mates, to keep an eye on Peanut, so he will not hurt himself.

In Are We There Yet?, she was ordering Waffle, to find Peanut. However, she was later captured by Tie, who also eliminated her from this challenge. At the elimination ceremony, she was the 6th person to receive an apple. After elimination, she said that she was dissapointed at Candle's behavior and she apologize her teammates for the lost challenge.


  • Perfume was in AnimationCr8er's show, Battle For Gold
  • Perfume's mouth is invisible.
  • It's notable that in the "Next Top Thingy Intro" she had a different body than she does in "It's Just a Forest "