Voiced by PDDRMAnimationPro
Name Steak
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Perfume, Seashell, Waffle, Yo-yo, Lollipop, Magnet, Bubble Tea
Enemies Candle, Bone
Rank TBA
Color mahogony
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Voiced by PDDRMAnimationPro
Steak, labeled as The Tough Guy, is a male contestant in Next Top Thingy. He is a member of the Outrageous Oranges


Likes: His team, being tough

Dislikes: Twerking, Potato, Bone

Steak is the strongest and the toughest contestant on this show. According to him. He is getting annoyed by twerking (as seen in intro) and he showed, that he isn't affraid of anything. Steak also seemed to be sarcastic, in some situations.


In It's Just a Forest, Steak was first spotted, wondering, where was a set, to a movie. Later along with Yo-yoWaffleSeashell and Lollipop, agreed that Perfume should be a team captain. In the forest, Steak claims, that he isn't scared of anything and that if Tie tries to capture him, he will hurt him.

In Are We There Yet?, Steak was helping Waffle, with Peanut. Plus, he kicked Potato away, since he was annoying him. Steak makes a confessional about how Candle is bossy, Magnet always acting like the leader and Bubble Tea being "OK". When Steak was near the mountain, he encounters Bone. When he was about to get "well done", Seashell threw Bland Flakes at him and he exploded. He later thanks her. At the elimination, Steak was the 5th person to receive an apple.


  • Steak was in a show called Objects At War by mewtwospetwolf, a show known for its poor animation and script writing.