Sugar Cube
Sugar Cube
Voiced by TeenChampion
Name Sugar Cube
Gender Female
Allies Spice Cube (twin), Domino, Cone, Churro, Hammer, Cactus (possibly), Candle
Enemies Lipstick
Color White
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Voiced by TeenChampion

Sugar Cube, labeled The Sweet One, is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member of the Awesome Apples.


Sugar Cube, is the best friend with Spice Cube. They both like to chat about everything and they both like to use the word OMG. The difference between them is that Sugar Cube is more sweeter than her friend and she is not as intelligent and bold as Spice Cube.


In It's Just a Forest, Spice Cube, along with Sugar Cube, announced that they were twins. When Z-Box explained something about elimination, Spice Cube was scared that Sugar might be eliminated, and Sugar Cube replied that she hope so, too. Later they had a conversation that annoyed Cone. In the forest, Cubes along with Domino, were chatting around and Cone was getting frustrated. He then fell into the hole dug by Bone.

In Are We There Yet?, Sugar Cube is in the hole, along with Spice Cube, Domino and Cone after Bone pushes them in. While she was playing Canasta in the hole, Spice complained at Sugar, that she can't play this game. When they were rescued by Churro and Hammer, they were keep saying OMG.