Name Tie
Gender Male
Allies Z-Box
Enemies TBA
Occupation Co-Host
Color Red
Introduced in It's Just a Forest
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by BeAwesomeOne

Tie, labeled as The Nit Picker, is a male co-host of Next Top Thingy.


Tie, is a right hand of Z-Box, a host of this show. And he is helping him with challenges. He is mostly ignored by Z-Box, who is coming out with stupid ideas. Tie is also known, for complaining a lot.


In It's Just a Forest, Tie was lately announced by Z-Box. Then it was revelaed that he is going to catch the contestants in the forest. Also he said to Lollipop, that they cannot take a flowery path, to the mountain.

In Are We There Yet?, Tie captured Lollipop, Perfume, Peanut and Yo-Yo using a vaccum cleaner. Thus caused Outraged Oranges, to have problems with this challenge. He was also present at the elimination ceremony.