Name Z-Box
Gender Male
Allies Tie
Enemies TBA
Occupation Host
Color Green, Black
Introduced in It's Just a Forest
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by BeAwesomeOne

Z-Box (short for Z-Box 360) is the host of Next Top Thingy.


Z-Box is the host of the show. Despite looking like a cool guy, he cares little for the safety of the contestants. The things he is most obsessed with are ratings and money, sometimes even going as far as to do whatever it takes to increase ratings and his paycheck.


In It's Just a Forest, that he will be the host of Next Top Thingy. He explained that he tricked 22 contestants, by saying that it was a movie. When contestants arrived, he explained all the rules and gave everyone some candies. Then he told objects with Red Candies, to come over and he called this team Apples Awesome Apples, while other team he called was Outrageous Oranges. After giving them some free time, he began to explaing first challenge, which was a race to the summit. Later he was seen at the end, when he was hyping next episode.

In Are We There Yet?, he criticized Tie, for doing a crappy job. He was also seen in the confessional booth talking about Candle's "good side" which showed all of her bad moments. Later he announced the winners of this challenge and he announced the contestant who was eliminated.


Z-Box Glasses


  • Z-Box is the first permanent host in an object reality show to be autotuned.
  • Z-Box is a parody of X-Box, hence the similar names and designs.